What is a Swart Software Solution?

Swart Solution = Product + Add-Ons

Your Swart Solution Explained

A Swart Solution is the combination of a Product and various Add-On services. The Product is standardised, while the Add-On service’s scope is unique to your business. This means your Solution is bespoke and has pricing tailored to deliver best value for money for your business.

The Swart Product represents the web application that we deliver to you. This is a once-off website launch, giving you access to all the web application’s features. A core set of features and website configurations, ensuring consistent and proven quality at the core of your solution.

A Swart Add-On Services is a monthly recurring service that supports the growth of your business. Only choose the monthly value-adds that would add the most value over time and exponentially increasing return on investment.

Know what you need?

How does the pricing work?

Please note: An Swart Add-On cannot be purchased independently, as it is dependent on an active Swart Product. On a Swart Product, we leverage our optimized application framework and are therefore able to guarantee the quality of the value-added service rendered.

Product Pricing

Business Basic

from R7999
  • All One Page features
  • <5 Pages
  • <3 Contact Forms
  • 6 months free hosting
  • User journey mapping and wireframe
  • Google Business Listing


from R 13999
  • All Business Premium features
  • <12 Pages
  • <10 Contact Forms
  • 12 months free dedicated hosting
  • E-commerce (unlimited* products)
  • Payment gateway integration

Add-On Services Overview

Digital Design

Your brand should represent what you do.

Marketing & Communication

Getting a message out to your customers and followers.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

Get the right information available to make crucial decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no use in having the best-looking website
in the world, but no-one can find it.

Further Feature Development

You need an ever-improving overall experience for your customers.

Operational Value Chain Analysis

Understand the operational cost of your decisions.

Add-On Services Explained

Digital Design

Your brand should represent what you do
Once we understand what you want to achieve with your digital presence, products & service offerings, we’re able to craft the experience that your customers want. This is achieved through establishing your corporate identity within the market and enhancing the presence & performance of the various points of interaction that exists across your entire brand, where the end-user is a first class citizen.
Some of the Design Services we offer

Corporate Branding

  • Logos
  • Favicons
  • Iconography
  • Font selection
  • Color scheme

What else?

  • Infographics
  • Landing pages
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advertisement banners
  • Stock image selection

Further Feature Development

You need an ever-improving overall experience for your customers
Our team can make content updates to the website, or you can take the reigns yourself. If you’ve never used a content management system before, we provide you with effective training & user guides to manage the growth of your platform.


Feel free to request based on your business needs & goals:
  • Lead Capture Forms
  • Image Galleries
  • Calendars
  • Staff Section
  • Image Sliders
  • Social Media Integration
  • Maps & Locations
  • Pop-Ups
  • User Account Creation
  • Blog Posts

Marketing and Communication

Getting a message out to your customers and followers.
BlackRockit enables you to provide a way to reach prospective customers, engage meaningfully, a place to interact with your business.
This includes some of the following services:
  • Domain registration (per year)
  • G Suite configuration (our preferred email provider)
  • SMS’s sent on various trigger interactions customers have with your website
  • Newsletter or advertising campaigns via email
  • Design the layout and develop the email template
  • Integrate distribution service with your website’s mail server

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Get the right information available to make crucial decisions.
Effective data analysis and business intelligence converts and displays this data in meaningful insights to guide informed decision making. This enables you to identify, create and develop new business strategies, based on consumer activities that drive most value.

Our Essential Business Intelligence and Reporting service generates reports on the following key metrics:

  • User entry point and engagement journey through website
  • Revenue drivers, such as contact form submissions convert to paying customers rate, newsletter subscribers purchasing online, etc
  • Cost saving, such as cost of lead acquisition saving, digital vs brick-and-mortar distribution cost saving, etc
The Premium Business Intelligence and Reporting service will track more advanced and tailor-made KPI’s. These include metrics such as cost saving due to automation of operations, lower human resource cost, time saved and consistent quality assurance measurements.

Please request a personal consultation to determine a reporting solution that provides the maximum amount of insight for your decisions.

Continuous Search Engine Optimisation

There is no use in having the best looking website in the world, but no-one can find it.
We ensure that your products & services are well-represented, using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Based what you want your customers to know, think and do on every page of your website, we optimize how Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines find your site. Based on important keywords, we generate reports on your ranking in search engine result pages over 1, 3 or 6 months. Based on these insights, we’re able to iterate and maximize your website’s exposure in search rankings.

Operational Value Chain Analysis

Understand the operational cost of your decisions
To drive sustainable revenue growth over time, it’s wise to fully understand where you are now, in order to know which direction to start the journey. To better align your digital brand and website implementation of that vision, we try to understand the interactions within your operational value chain. This mean tracking when and where information is transferred from, how it’s transformed and to where is this new context sent. Once this is mapped out, restructuring and digital automation are some tools to drive more value for your business. Utilising these opportunities improves consistency, operational efficiency and cost savings.

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