Trust our methodology to find how your website can empower your business model.

Our Methodology


Requirements gathering is what sets us apart. It’s essential for us to understand what you want to achieve with your digital presence, products & service offerings.


We care about our craft – once we understand your business goals & end-user’s needs, we develop the best solution for your business.


Use your platform’s various features & functionality with ease – we provide you with effective training & user guides to manage the growth of your business online.

Why Us

Requirements gathering is what sets us apart.

We need to understand what you want to achieve with your digital presence, products & service offerings to build you the best possible solution. We kick off trying to understand the “whys” by working through our website worksheet/questionnaire. After reviewing your answers, we follow up with a review meeting. This is an opportunity for quick feedback loops, allowing us to understand your vision, mission, both current and expected pain points, and more importantly, key revenue drivers. Together, we identify your business needs with a lot of help from a little website questionnaire and a final scope clarification. Now we can confidently provide a proposal and path of delivery for your website.

Our Craft

We care about our craft and our main goal is to drive and inspire change through “Digital Services Empowerment.”

Once the functional features of the site have been formally agreed upon, our creative process kicks off, followed by the initial development of the platform.

As a part of the craft phase, we create a “coming soon” page for you to send consumers & followers to, and possibly make contact if that’s your immediate goal. Otherwise, it serves as a “going live” countdown to remind people of the launch and also keep them excited. In the background, you’ll be able to monitor progress and actively review your improving website in private before launch.

Design Process Overview

Any digital product or service offering exists for- and to be interacted with and used by human beings. By definition, any point of interaction is cause for an experience which has a direct connotation to a user’s actions right after. We believe that a great experience and value for a product’s end-users should be a primary reason a product exists in the first place. This is why experience design is a first class citizen throughout our process, which is what enables us to create a seamless experience for users across multiple platforms & services. To achieve this, we use and apply industry hardened tools & methods like Adobe Xd to create wireframes and do user journey mapping and Affinity Designer for vector-based components.

Development Process Overview

In order to meet and manage your needs & expectations, we only start developing once the designs represent the blueprint of your mission & vision. We then start development and craft of all the awesome features and functions that will make up your digital products & services platform. Throughout this process, Slack is used for internal communications, discussions and resource collaboration. Trello, for general project management and easy team collaboration on tasks across all projects. Our platforms are built using WordPress, which is an online- open source website creation tool. Essentially, it’s the leading blog- and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. Read more about the tools we trust. Once development is done, we test the platform’s various features & functionality. We then hand the site over to you for internal testing and finally going to launch with ease.

Your Launch

The market needs to know about your brand new site and features!
Now that your brand is well represented with your new website, time to tell your customers how you solve their problems.

The crucial responsibility of informing your end-users of the upcoming launch is entirely yours, but we want to help! This is why we crafted a Coming Soon page, to capture potential customers & followers showing an interest in your product or services launch.

To use your platform’s various features & functionality with ease, we provide you with effective training & user guides to manage your platform and monitor its’ growth.

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