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Swart Solution = Product + Add-Ons

A Swart Solution is the combination of a Product and various Add-On services, which enables you to drive value through an integrated web platform for your business. The one bespoke package that has pricing tailored to deliver the best value for money, for your business.

The Swart Product represents the web application that we deliver to you. This is a once-off website launch, cloud hosting and other included features. A core set of features and website configurations, ensuring consistent and proven quality at the core of your solution.

A Swart Add-On Services is a monthly recurring service that supports the growth of your business. Only choose the monthly value-adds that would add the most value over time and exponentially increasing return on investment.

What is a Swart Solution?

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Pieter Swart

Pieter Swart

Managing Director

I’m an experienced web technologist and software entrepreneur. My passion for technology, solving problems and creating win-win synergies in any software-driven ecosystem allows me to be comfortable wearing various hats, for my own company and yours.

Employment in roles such as Technical Product Manager, Solutions Architect, Development Manager, and Scrum Master, empowers me to tweak software to deliver maximum value. To deepen my technical expertise, I also work as a web developer and manager at a multinational market leader in partnership automation software with a $1.5 billion valuation.

My portfolio includes building web solutions using modern software innovations in the payments, e-commerce, logistics, marketing, and e-learning industries. I believe well-utilised technology has the ability to solve humanity’s greatest problems, hence I actively monitor and invest in the following industries: machine learning, augmented reality, IoT, electric autonomous vehicles, solar energy, new battery tech and smart agriculture.